The Learning Locker

At Precision Resource Group, we offer the Learning Locker—an exceptional incentive designed to support your personal growth. You have the flexibility to choose a self-improvement program of your interest, and we'll cover the full cost or provide partial funding.

Learning & Development

Learn With No Limits

We know that to truly be a business that embraces a no-limits approach, we must support our people in developing their careers both internally and externally. We’ve discovered that our employees are happier and more engaged when they can bring their whole selves to work. Giving them a chance to pursue something they have a genuine interest in supports our drive to prioritise our people.


Thus, we created ‘The Learning Locker’ – designed to offer support to our employees interested in upskilling themselves with an external qualification. This support might include access to funds, flexible working arrangements, or resources. It represents a genuine opportunity to learn with no limits.

The Learning Locker is a fantastic opportunity to gain not only the funding to undertake an external qualification but also the flexibility to complete it. One of our core pillars is our focus on continuous improvement across PRG, and this gives every individual the chance to do so in an area that they are passionate about. This is genuinely one of my favorite benefits we offer to our people !
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Lee Kennedy
Head of Learning and Development
Precision Resource Group

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Flexible working arrangements to balance work and learning.
Financial Support Icon

Financial Support

Access to funds for external courses and certifications.
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Career Growth

Support for career advancement within the company.
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Improved Performance

Continuously learning and acquiring new skills leading to increased productivity.
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Skill Enhancement

Opportunities to acquire new skills and stay updated.
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Encouragement to take ownership of professional development.

"Explored Fintech at Harvard via PRG's Learning Locker, valuable shared experiences; thankful for the subsidy!" Ella Ross

"Learning Locker enabled CPCAB counselling skills training for personal development and supporting in team building" Hannah Tregidgo

"Found Power MBA during Covid, smooth process from sharing to funding. Will use Learning Locker for more courses!" Harry Booth

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