Beyond the CV: A Recruitment Podcast

Welcome to Beyond the CV - a monthly podcast that explores the elaborate world of recruitment. The core emphasis of this podcast is to spotlight the accomplishments of established industry leaders and delve into pivotal topics and trends in the ever-evolving industry.

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Episode 1 - Women in Recruitment with Hannah Tregidgo

In the inaugural episode of Beyond the CV, Hannah Tregidgo, Delivery Director at PRG, joins host Tyler Zammit for a candid conversation about her journey into leadership through the recruitment industry. As a passionate advocate for promoting women into leadership, Hannah shares her personal experience of breaking through the glass ceiling and overcoming gender biases in the workplace. 

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Episode 2 - Unleashing Performance with Chris Bodman

This episode welcomes performance psychology expert Chris Bodman. With Chris you will discover the challenges of working with diverse individuals and the positive impact of leadership as a psychological movement. Uncover the significance of profiling for self-awareness and understanding strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Explore the transformative power of the ‘Cope’ model and the ‘Flex’ model in shaping performance.

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Episode 3 - Diversity in Recruitment with Atta Gyedu

In this episode, Atta shares his vision of Programme One, a third-sector funded nonprofit organisation, dedicated to opening doors for underrepresented talent. Gain insights into Atta’s journey, from his entry into the industry to the inception of Programme One. Uncover the power of mentorship in driving retention and career progression, breaking down barriers in recruitment.

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Episode 4 - Nurturing Professional Relationships with Josh Gardiner and Paul Haslett

In this episode, we explore the key to successful recruitment with iO Associates Director Josh Gardiner and Head of IT and Business Systems Paul Haslett as they reflect on their 7 year long relationship.

Tune in to discover how their unique bond has become a cornerstone for their professional relationships.


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One of the greatest joys in my role is having the opportunity to host the Beyond the CV podcast. Not only as a way to discover further my own passion for the Recruitment industry but also to provide a genuine platform for those within (and beyond) to offer their expert analysis. Recruitment is an ever-evolving subject that provides us with real emotional responses for those who have worked in it - consider Beyond the CV a commentary on that.
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Tyler Zammit
Internal Recruitment Manager
Podcast Host

About the Podcast

    Hosted by Tyler Zammit, the Internal Recruitment Manager at Precision Resource Group, the podcast originated from the successful weekly Instagram Live segment, Tyler Talks.
    In each episode, Tyler is joined by a new guest, providing listeners with an opportunity to gain insights into the personal journeys of industry experts. The discussions extend beyond the conventional aspects of their careers (or CVs) and surface-level details.
    Listeners can expect engaging conversations, valuable perspectives, and a closer look at the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment. Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the field or someone interested in learning more about the ins and outs of recruitment, Beyond the CV provides a platform to explore the depth and complexity of this vital industry. Join Tyler and his guests every month as they go beyond the typical and delve into the nuanced aspects of the recruitment realm.

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