Introducing our EV Vehicle Scheme

Precision Resource Group (PRG) are delighted to launch our latest benefit for our senior staff: PRG Electric Vehicle Scheme!

In partnership with Octopus Electric Vehicles, PRG are giving our staff the opportunity to lease a full insured, serviced and taxed EV via salary sacrifice, thereby saving on Income Tax and National Insurance.

The UK must tackle our transport emissions to avoid more huge climate change impacts. Transport contributes one-third of all carbon emissions in the UK. Since 1990, these numbers have barely reduced at all. However, forward thinking car manufacturers such as BMW, Nissan, Jaguar, Audi and Mercedes are leading the change by giving us revolutionary electric cars! We must reduce the impact our transport sector has on our environment, to create a greener, fairer future and PRG are proud to be supporting this mission.

The scheme allows you to choose your car, the mileage and the length of term, before placing your order through Octopus EV (the sister company to Octopus Energy). Once the order has been approved, your car will be delivered to you in a matter of weeks!

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