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December 19, 2023

Working at PRG isn’t just about the job; it’s about the experiences, growth, and the opportunities that comes with it. The company offers a diverse range of opportunities that enhance professional development, team bonding, and recognition of achievements. Let’s delve into some personal accounts from PRG employees that highlight the unique opportunities the company provides.

Celebrating Achievements and Promotions

Ollie Trepte from Panoramic Care shares a moment of pride, “Receiving a promotion from my new manager Izzy was a fantastic moment, especially alongside my colleagues who were also being promoted. Despite the humorous comparison to an ’80s TV Cop, the experience was filled with celebration. An added delight was also the daily restocking of the vending machine, making the PRG office a great place to work.”

This memory highlights the growth opportunities at PRG and delves into the recognition and celebration that goes hand in hand with success and hard work. On top of this, we have a fantastic office manager, Rhys, who ensures everyone has a good snack to look forward to on third floor!

Ollie Trepte

Memorable Incentive Trips

Chloe Bradbeer from Panoramic Associates talks about a fun PRG trip, “My favourite memory with PRG in 2023 was the incredible incentive trip to Dublin. Over the course of three days, we immersed ourselves in the local culture, enjoying rounds of Guinness, watching exciting rugby matches, and engaging in lively Irish dancing. This experience in Dublin stands out as a truly memorable and enjoyable time.”

These incentive trips are not just rewards; they are experiences that build once in a lifetime memory for our consultants and provide the opportunity to diverse our people in different cultures. We hope in time this will also add value to their professional lives.

Chloe Bradbeer

Celebrating company milestones

Lizzie Risdale from Finitas shares an important memory, “One of my favourite memories from this year was undoubtedly the day I celebrated a hat-trick of placements. This milestone was marked with an exceptional club lunch at Pasture, shared with many members of the Finitas Team.”

This memory highlights how PRG values individual milestones, celebrating them in a way that enhances team spirit and motivation.

Lizzie Risdale

Recognition and Career Opportunity

Imogen Linham from iO Associates talks about her career progression, “My favourite moment of the year was getting promoted at the Christmas party, it was brilliant to be promoted to Principle, which wouldn’t have been possible without the great team around me! Getting promoted at the Christmas party made it extra special too!”

Similarly, Charlotte Combe from iO Associates shares her joy, “My favourite moment of the year was that my team were announced TOTY (Team of The Year) and were taken to Portugal as a reward! Water parks, boat parties, beaches – couldn’t have asked for a better trip or a better team to go with. Trips like this drive the team, bring us all closer and ultimately pushes us to perform at the highest standard.”

These experiences underscore the importance PRG places on career opportunity and team success, creating an environment where individual growth and team achievements are equally celebrated. Planning company Christmas party’s and trips for Team of the Year are just some of the ways PRG likes to reward all employees.

Imogen Linham

Charlotte Combe

External Recognition and Awards

Marcus Wormwell’s experience speaks volumes about PRG’s external recognition, “Discovering that we had been awarded the Princess Royal Trust Award was an incredible moment. The external recognition validated all the hard work and support our Learning and Development team has dedicated to PRG. It was a proud reminder of our impact and a testament to our collective efforts.”

This award highlights the company’s commitment to excellence and its impact beyond the internal confines of the business. The experience also recognises PRG’s commitment to learning and development as an organisation. You can also read more about the award here. 

Marcus Wormwell


The storeys from PRG employees paint a vivid picture of a company that values its people, celebrates their achievements, and creates memorable experiences. It’s a place where professional growth is intertwined with fun, recognition, and team morale, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a fulfilling career journey. If you would like to apply today, click on the link here. 

Written by:

Emily Perry

Lead Marketing Assistant

As a Lead Marketing Assistant, Emily contributes to the marketing of PRG. She is responsible for the PRG social media and events, internally and externally, and adds value to clients through the creation and preparation of collateral for our consultants. Emily is responsible for the creation of content, marketing collateral, event organisation and client presentations. With experience in copy writing, content creation, WordPress and event organisation she supports the team across a wide range of areas to execute marketing tasks coherently.

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