Starting an Entry level Job? Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance and Mental Well-Being

April 23, 2024

Starting an entry-level job marks a significant milestone in your career journey. It brings excitement, new challenges, and a myriad of opportunities to learn and grow. However, diving into Recruitment can also be overwhelming, especially when trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance and safeguard your mental well-being. Here are practical tips to help you navigate your new role without compromising your health and happiness.

  1. Prioritise Your Tasks

As a new employee, you might feel the need to take on every task thrown your way. However, it’s important to prioritise your workload based on urgency and importance. Use tools like the Eisenhower Box to distinguish between tasks that are important, urgent, both, or neither. This can help you manage your time effectively and reduce stress, as you focus on what truly matters each day.

  1. Take Regular Breaks

Never underestimate the power of taking short, regular breaks throughout your workday. Step away from your desk, go for a walk, or simply relax in a quiet space. These breaks are not just good for your physical health but also refresh your mind and boost productivity. At PRG, we now have a running club every Tuesday lunchtime and free HITT classes at the Luxxe gym around the corner from the office!

  1. Develop a Robust Support System

Building relationships with colleagues can greatly enhance your job satisfaction and provide a support network at work. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help or guidance when needed. Additionally, maintain your relationships outside of work. Friends and family can provide emotional support and a different perspective, helping you manage work-related stress.

  1. Embrace Professional Development

Invest in your professional development to not only advance in your career but also boost your confidence and job satisfaction. Look for learning opportunities within the company, at PRG, we have mentored partnerships and the Learning Locker which supports extra-curricular courses and qualifications you may like to start outside of working hours. Continual learning can make work more engaging and fulfilling, which is beneficial for your mental health.

  1. Monitor Your Health

Pay attention to both your physical and mental health. Recognise the signs of stress, such as difficulty sleeping, irritability, or changes in appetite. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider speaking to a professional therapist or counsellor. PRG offer an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) through Medicash that provides support for mental health issues.

  1. Find Time for Yourself

Finally, make time for activities that you enjoy outside of work. Whether it’s reading, playing sports, or engaging in creative projects, personal hobbies can provide a great outlet for stress. They remind you that work is just one part of your life, and personal fulfilment is just as important.

Starting your career is an exciting time filled with opportunities. By implementing these tips, you can enjoy a fulfilling career in recruitment while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and safeguarding your mental well-being. Remember, the habits you set now will shape your professional and personal life for years to come.

If you like the sound of what PRG have to offer or would like to find out more, contact us by clicking here today.

Written by:

Shivani Patel

Lead Internal Recruitment Consultant

Shivani is the Lead Internal Recruitment Consultant hiring throughout PRG at all levels, from consultants that are brand new to recruitment to senior hires. Joining the company after completing an undergrad in Psychology at UWE, she is a great point of contact for anyone starting in our Bristol office.

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Navigating Your First Month as a Recruitment Professional: Tips and Insights

March 20, 2024

Embarking on a career in recruitment can be both exciting and challenging. The first month in this dynamic field sets the tone for your professional journey, shaping your understanding of the industry’s intricacies and demands. To help you navigate this crucial period successfully, here are some invaluable tips and insights to guide you through your initial month as a recruitment professional, complemented by advice from our Lead Internal Recruitment Consultant Shivani Patel:

“My best tip: ‘Really throw yourself into work and be a sponge as your first 6-12 months is all about learning the ropes and perfecting the basics. Along the way you will make mistakes, but this is okay if you reflect and apply this feedback to reduce the same mistake moving forwards!'”

1. Grasp the Basics:
Start by immersing yourself in the fundamentals of recruitment. Understand the recruitment lifecycle, from sourcing candidates to finalising offers. Familiarise yourself with industry terminology and the tools commonly used in the field. This foundational knowledge will serve as the bedrock for your success in the coming months.

2. Build Relationships:
Recruitment is as much about people as it is about skills. Forge strong relationships with your colleagues, both within and outside your department. Establish open lines of communication to facilitate collaboration and garner insights from experienced professionals. Networking can prove instrumental in acquiring new clients, understanding the job market, and learning the nuances of successful recruitment.

3. Learn Your Market:
A keen awareness of the job market is indispensable for a recruitment professional. Research industry trends, salary expectations, and the demand for specific skills. This knowledge will empower you to provide informed advice to both clients and candidates, positioning you as a credible and reliable expert.

4. Hone Your Communication Skills:
Effective communication is at the heart of successful recruitment. Practise active listening to understand the needs of both clients and candidates. Craft clear and compelling messages, whether in written or verbal form. Developing strong communication skills will help you articulate job requirements, negotiate offers, and build rapport with diverse individuals.

5. Embrace Technology:
Recruitment is evolving, and technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining processes. Familiarise yourself with applicant tracking systems, job boards, and other relevant tools. Staying tech-savvy will not only enhance your efficiency but also showcase your adaptability to prospective employers.

6. Prioritise Time Management:
In the fast-paced world of recruitment, time is of the essence. Develop strong time management skills to balance multiple tasks and deadlines. Prioritise activities based on urgency and impact, ensuring that you maximise your productivity without compromising quality.

7. Stay Resilient:
Rejection is part and parcel of recruitment. Candidates may decline offers, and clients may choose other agencies. It’s essential to remain resilient in the face of setbacks. Learn from each experience and use it to improve your approach. Resilience is a key trait that distinguishes successful recruitment professionals.

8. Seek Mentorship:
Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from experienced mentors within your organisation. Their insights can prove invaluable in navigating the nuances of recruitment. A mentor can provide guidance on handling challenging situations, share industry best practises, and offer constructive feedback to accelerate your growth.

Your first month as a recruitment professional sets the stage for a rewarding and challenging career. By mastering the basics, building relationships, staying informed about the market, honing communication skills, embracing technology, managing your time effectively, cultivating resilience, and seeking mentorship, you can lay a solid foundation for success. Remember, the recruitment landscape is ever-changing, and your ability to adapt and grow will be key to thriving in this dynamic industry. If you would like to start a new career in recruitment today, contact us here.

Written by:

Shivani Patel

Lead Internal Recruitment Consultant

Shivani is the Lead Internal Recruitment Consultant hiring throughout PRG at all levels, from consultants that are brand new to recruitment to senior hires. Joining the company after completing an undergrad in Psychology at UWE, she is a great point of contact for anyone starting in our Bristol office.

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Budget Summary March 2024 – The Key Points you Should Know

March 6, 2024

Here are the latest points from this year’s spring budget summary, this will likely be the last report before the next general election. Here we will be covering topics including tax and income support, transport and energy, housing, inflation, and business and investments.

Tax and income support

  • For employees and the self-employed 2p per pound will be cut from National Insurance tax collection.
  • The UK’s non-dom tax regime, applicable to residents with permanent homes overseas, will be replaced by new regulations starting in April 2025.
  • Household eligibility for full child benefits will extend to those where the highest-earning parent earns up to £60,000, up from the current limit of £50,000.
  • Partial child benefits will be available to households where the highest earner earns up to £80,000.
  • Individual savers will enjoy a £5,000 tax budget allowance under the “British ISA” scheme to invest in UK-listed companies.
  • Emergency budgeting loans for individuals on benefits will have an extended repayment period.
  • The £90 fee for obtaining a debt relief order will be eliminated.
  • The government’s support fund for individuals facing challenges with the cost of living will be extended for an additional six months.


Cigarettes, vapes, and alcohol

  • The freeze on alcohol duty, initially set to conclude in August, will now persist until February 2025.
  • A tax on vaping products will commence in October 2026 after undergoing a consultation process.
  • The current tobacco tax will see an increase to uphold the “financial incentive to choose vaping over smoking.”


Transport and Energy

  • Fuel duty remains frozen. The 5p reduction in fuel duty on petrol and diesel, originally set to expire later this month, has been extended for another year.
  • The UK government secures a £160 million agreement to acquire the site of the proposed Wylfa nuclear facility in North Wales.
  • The “windfall” tax on energy firms’ profits, previously slated to conclude in March 2028, has been prolonged until 2029.
  • Air passenger duty, the tax levied on flights, will increase for business class tickets.



  • The tax rate on profits from property sales has been reduced from 28% to 24%.
  • Tax incentives for owners of holiday rental properties have been eliminated.


Public debt, Inflation, and the economy

  • Forecasts by the Office for Budget Responsibility anticipate a 0.8% growth in the UK economy for the current year, followed by a projected 1.9% growth for the subsequent year (2025).
  • Anticipated growth rates include 2% for the year 2026, 1.8% for 2027, and 1.7% for 2028.
  • The UK’s inflation rate is predicted to dip below the 2% target within a few months.
  • Projections suggest that underlying debt, excluding Bank of England debt, will reach 91.7% of GDP this year, climbing to 92.8% the following year.
  • Overall day-to-day government expenditure is expected to increase by 1% in real terms over the coming five years.


Business and investment

  • The threshold for small businesses required to register for VAT increased from £85,000 to £90,000 effective from April.
  • Permanent extension of tax reliefs for touring and orchestral productions, initially slated to conclude in March 2025.
  • Extension of the Covid-era government loan scheme for small businesses until March 2026.


 Further measures

  • The threshold for small businesses required to register for VAT increased from £85,000 to £90,000 effective from April.
  • Permanent extension of tax reliefs for touring and orchestral productions, initially slated to conclude in March 2025.
  • Extension of the Covid-era government loan scheme for small businesses until March 2026.

Thank you for reading. All information sourced from BBC.

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Building Confidence for the Leap: Navigating Impostor Syndrome in Your Final Year at University

February 19, 2024

Starting a new job can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. The thrill of new challenges and opportunities often comes together with a lurking fear known as Impostor Syndrome. This psychological phenomenon makes individuals doubt their accomplishments and fear being exposed as frauds. Overcoming Impostor Syndrome is crucial for building confidence in your new work environment. As a student about to graduate, implementing some of the below practical tips could help conquer imposter syndrome in your new workplace.

Understanding Impostor Syndrome:

Impostor Syndrome is not exclusive to newcomers; even seasoned professionals can grapple with it. The first step in overcoming it is to recognise and understand this phenomenon. Acknowledge that feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt are common, especially in a new work environment. It’s essential to realise that everyone, including your colleagues and managers, has experienced these emotions at some point in their careers.

Celebrate Your Achievements:

Take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments. Whether it’s acing a challenging project, earning a degree, or gaining relevant experience, remind yourself of the skills and expertise that brought you to this new opportunity. At PRG, we want to recognise everyone for the efforts they put in, which is why we set KPI’s to allow everyone to reach their next promotion. In addition, we hold monthly company meetings to celebrate our top performers and communicate promotions via internal emails and TV office updates so everyone can celebrate with you.

We also run yearly incentive trips to abroad destinations to recognise everyone who has performed well, and to let you know imposter syndrome can be tackled head on.

Set Realistic Expectations:

It’s natural to strive for excellence, but setting unrealistic expectations can contribute to Impostor Syndrome. Understand that it’s okay not to know everything from day one. Embrace the learning curve and focus on continuous improvement. Establishing achievable goals will allow you to make progress without overwhelming yourself.

Seek Mentorship and Guidance:

Building a support system within your new work environment is crucial. Seek mentorship from experienced colleagues who can provide guidance and share their own experiences with overcoming Impostor Syndrome. To help all our new starters within the business, HR allocate everyone a buddy when they start who you can confide in with any problems or questions you may have.

Furthermore, a ‘People Power Hour’ is hosted by the HR team every Wednesday where you have an option to discuss any personal or work-related queries. Josh Jennings, one of our consultants also leads a ‘Behind the Mask’ session once a month to help anyone who is struggling get back on track, by talking to some of our consultants who have lots of experience in recruitment.

Embrace Constructive Feedback:

Constructive feedback is a powerful tool for professional growth. Instead of viewing feedback as criticism, see it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Embrace the guidance provided by your colleagues and superiors, using it to refine your skills and enhance your performance. Understanding that everyone makes mistakes and has room for improvement will help alleviate feelings of inadequacy.

Cultivate a Growth Mindset:

Adopting a growth mindset is instrumental in overcoming Impostor Syndrome. Embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Understand that setbacks are a natural part of the learning process. We always want to encourage an ALL-IN mindset which is why we have our three pillars in place, ‘People first’, ‘All In’ and ‘Continuous Improvement’ to keep everyone on track and progressing through the ups and downs.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome is an ongoing process that requires self-awareness, resilience, and a proactive approach to personal and professional development. By celebrating your achievements, setting realistic expectations, seeking mentorship, embracing feedback, and cultivating a growth mindset, you can build confidence in your new work environment. Remember, you are not alone in facing these challenges, and with time and perseverance, you’ll not only overcome Impostor Syndrome but thrive in your career.

Are you looking for a new role with support in place to help you navigate a new career? Contact us via the link here today.

Written by:

Shivani Patel

Lead Internal Recruitment Consultant

Shivani is the Lead Internal Recruitment Consultant hiring throughout PRG at all levels, from consultants that are brand new to recruitment to senior hires. Joining the company after completing an undergrad in Psychology at UWE, she is a great point of contact for anyone starting in our Bristol office.

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Graduate Day 2024

January 31, 2024

Join us on Wednesday 28th February and discover what a career in Recruitment could mean for you.

PRG’s Graduate Day offers final year students the opportunity to find out more about a career in the exciting world of Recruitment! Hosted at our offices in the centre of Bristol, you’ll get a tour of our office space, a presentation from our Learning & Development team, and the opportunity to speak to recruiters who were final year students attending this very event last year. This, along with lots more, will give you the chance to find where a career in Recruitment could take you once you graduate.   

The event will involve:  

  • Learning about careers with PRG 
  • Q & A session with a Recruiter 
  • Interactive sessions and activities 
  • Presentation from PRG’s in-house Learning & Development Team 
  • Tour of recently refurbished new office space 


Refreshments will be provided. Please dress in ‘smart attire’.  

Date: Wednesday 28th February 2024 

Time: Arrive at 8.45am (for a 9am start) 

Address: PRG, 3rd Floor, St Bartholomew’s House, Lewins Mead, Bristol, BS1 2NH 


Secure your place by signing up here 


If you have any questions, or would like to find out more, please contact Tyler by emailing 


Written by:

Tyler Zammit

Internal Recruitment Manager

Tyler manages the Internal Recruitment Team at PRG, with over 6 years of experience within the recruitment industry. Alongside leading the IR team, Tyler takes ownership of Senior or Specialised Appointments across PRG. Tyler has also featured heavily in our recruitment podcast 'Beyond the CV: A Recruitment Podcast', previously known as 'Tyler Talks'.

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Precision Resource Group (PRG) Achieves Prestigious Placement in Recruiter HOT 100

January 30, 2024

Precision Resource Group (PRG) are pleased to reveal our inclusion in the esteemed Recruiter HOT 100 list for the year.

Despite the multitude of challenges faced by recruiters in the current landscape, PRG has secured a spot on this highly competitive list, a testament to the our operational and financial excellence during these testing times. The announcement of the Recruiter HOT 100 list and PRG’s placement took place at The Brewery, London, on Tuesday 30th January, 2024.

At PRG, our teams of motivated, highly experienced, and knowledgeable consultants bring unrivalled expertise to the table, providing bespoke solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of any business. We specialise in offering both permanent and contract staffing solutions across various specialist markets. Our commitment to prioritising the candidate and client experience sets us apart, making us Global Talent Leaders. As such, we were thrilled to be recognised among the highest-performing organisations in the UK recruitment sector.

PRG takes pride in creating an inclusive and supportive culture, evident throughout the group. Our client-centric approach, coupled with the accumulated expertise within our markets, has not only positioned us as industry leaders but has also allowed us to contribute to the enhancement of our communities.

“We are incredibly proud of our achievement in securing a place on the Recruiter HOT 100 list. This recognition reiterates our commitment to excellence, even in challenging times. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams, who consistently deliver outstanding results and uphold the values that define PRG,” comments PRG Founding Director Tom Hibberd.

As we celebrate this accomplishment, PRG remains firm in its mission to provide exceptional talent solutions and contribute positively to the recruitment sector. We extend our gratitude to our clients, candidates, and the PRG community for their continued support and trust in our services.

For more information about Precision Resource Group and specialisms, visit: About Us

Written by:

Ellie Ward

Marketing Executive

As a Marketing Executive, Ellie contributes to and maintains all 5 brands across PRG. She is responsible for the group’s content strategy, and management of events, internally and externally, and adds value to clients through the creation and preparation of collateral for our consultants. Ellie is responsible for the day-to-day management of creative, on-brand content for our websites, as well as mapping out events for sponsorship and exhibiting. With extensive experience in copy writing, she scopes out awards and accreditations, managing our submissions, with a key focus on building and enhancing brand identification across the group.

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Recruitment in 2024: New Year, New Challenges, New Strategies

January 10, 2024

As we step into 2024, the recruitment landscape continues to evolve, presenting new challenges and opportunities for organisations worldwide. The rapid pace of technological advancement, changing demographics, and the ongoing impact of global events are reshaping the way companies attract, hire, and retain talent. Here’s a look at some of the key trends and strategies shaping recruitment in 2024.

Embracing Technology and Automation

One of the most significant trends in 2024 is the increased appearance of technology within many different industries across the board. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are no longer just buzzwords; they are essential tools that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment. Having the right team on board during a client hiring is imperative to hiring the correct candidates. Alongside new technology will implement a more affective system and easier process for the recruitment industry. Moreover, automation in routine tasks such as scheduling interviews and communicating with candidates frees up time for recruiters to focus on more strategic aspects of their role.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Take Centre Stage

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have moved to critical business imperatives. In 2024, companies are not just talking about DEI; they are actively embedding these principles into their recruitment strategies. PRG have gone one step further by holding a strong partnership with Programme One and the Aleto Foundation for over a year. These programmes focus on giving black talent the best opportunity to start their careers in recruitment. Alongside this, the Aleto Foundation also offer a mentorship programme allowing anyone joining the programme to partner with a someone in a senior role from another agency to learn as much as possible. All of our consultants also receive training to improve diversity across the candidate sourcing, screening and shortlisting process.

Remote Work and Global Talent Pools

The shift towards remote work, accelerated by the global events of the past few years, has permanently altered the recruitment landscape. In 2024, companies are leveraging this shift to tap into global talent pools. This approach not only broadens the search for top talent but also promotes a more inclusive work environment. However, recruiting from a global pool of candidates brings its own set of challenges, such as dealing with different time zones, cultural nuances, and legal requirements.

Candidate Experience as a Differentiator

In a competitive job market, the candidate experience can be a significant differentiator for employers. Companies in 2024 are focusing on creating a seamless, engaging, and transparent recruitment process. This includes clear communication, realistic job previews, and personalised interactions throughout the hiring process. A positive candidate experience not only helps in attracting top talent but also in building the strong umbrella brands we have at PRG.

Upskilling and Reskilling

As the skills required for jobs continue to evolve rapidly, organisations in 2024 are placing greater emphasis on upskilling and reskilling their workforce. This trend is influencing recruitment strategies, with companies increasingly looking for candidates who demonstrate a willingness and ability to learn and adapt. PRG have an award-winning Learning and Development team who deliver a diverse range of training to our consultants, providing them with the best opportunity to work around the ever-changing trends in the industry.


Recruitment in 2024 is about being agile, embracing technology, and prioritising diversity and candidate experience. The challenges are many, but so are the opportunities for organisations willing to innovate and adapt. As we navigate through this new year, the key will be to develop recruitment strategies that are not only effective today but are also sustainable and scalable for the future. If you are looking to join a forward thinking and adaptable recruitment company today, click here to apply.

Written by:

Tyler Zammit

Internal Recruitment Manager

Tyler manages the Internal Recruitment Team at PRG, with over 6 years of experience within the recruitment industry. Alongside leading the IR team, Tyler takes ownership of Senior or Specialised Appointments across PRG. Tyler has also featured heavily in our recruitment podcast 'Beyond the CV: A Recruitment Podcast', previously known as 'Tyler Talks'.

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PRG: The Recruitment Company with Unlimited Opportunities

December 19, 2023

Working at PRG isn’t just about the job; it’s about the experiences, growth, and the opportunities that comes with it. The company offers a diverse range of opportunities that enhance professional development, team bonding, and recognition of achievements. Let’s delve into some personal accounts from PRG employees that highlight the unique opportunities the company provides.

Celebrating Achievements and Promotions

Ollie Trepte from Panoramic Care shares a moment of pride, “Receiving a promotion from my new manager Izzy was a fantastic moment, especially alongside my colleagues who were also being promoted. Despite the humorous comparison to an ’80s TV Cop, the experience was filled with celebration. An added delight was also the daily restocking of the vending machine, making the PRG office a great place to work.”

This memory highlights the growth opportunities at PRG and delves into the recognition and celebration that goes hand in hand with success and hard work. On top of this, we have a fantastic office manager, Rhys, who ensures everyone has a good snack to look forward to on third floor!

Ollie Trepte

Memorable Incentive Trips

Chloe Bradbeer from Panoramic Associates talks about a fun PRG trip, “My favourite memory with PRG in 2023 was the incredible incentive trip to Dublin. Over the course of three days, we immersed ourselves in the local culture, enjoying rounds of Guinness, watching exciting rugby matches, and engaging in lively Irish dancing. This experience in Dublin stands out as a truly memorable and enjoyable time.”

These incentive trips are not just rewards; they are experiences that build once in a lifetime memory for our consultants and provide the opportunity to diverse our people in different cultures. We hope in time this will also add value to their professional lives.

Chloe Bradbeer

Celebrating company milestones

Lizzie Risdale from Finitas shares an important memory, “One of my favourite memories from this year was undoubtedly the day I celebrated a hat-trick of placements. This milestone was marked with an exceptional club lunch at Pasture, shared with many members of the Finitas Team.”

This memory highlights how PRG values individual milestones, celebrating them in a way that enhances team spirit and motivation.

Lizzie Risdale

Recognition and Career Opportunity

Imogen Linham from iO Associates talks about her career progression, “My favourite moment of the year was getting promoted at the Christmas party, it was brilliant to be promoted to Principle, which wouldn’t have been possible without the great team around me! Getting promoted at the Christmas party made it extra special too!”

Similarly, Charlotte Combe from iO Associates shares her joy, “My favourite moment of the year was that my team were announced TOTY (Team of The Year) and were taken to Portugal as a reward! Water parks, boat parties, beaches – couldn’t have asked for a better trip or a better team to go with. Trips like this drive the team, bring us all closer and ultimately pushes us to perform at the highest standard.”

These experiences underscore the importance PRG places on career opportunity and team success, creating an environment where individual growth and team achievements are equally celebrated. Planning company Christmas party’s and trips for Team of the Year are just some of the ways PRG likes to reward all employees.

Imogen Linham

Charlotte Combe

External Recognition and Awards

Marcus Wormwell’s experience speaks volumes about PRG’s external recognition, “Discovering that we had been awarded the Princess Royal Trust Award was an incredible moment. The external recognition validated all the hard work and support our Learning and Development team has dedicated to PRG. It was a proud reminder of our impact and a testament to our collective efforts.”

This award highlights the company’s commitment to excellence and its impact beyond the internal confines of the business. The experience also recognises PRG’s commitment to learning and development as an organisation. You can also read more about the award here. 

Marcus Wormwell


The storeys from PRG employees paint a vivid picture of a company that values its people, celebrates their achievements, and creates memorable experiences. It’s a place where professional growth is intertwined with fun, recognition, and team morale, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a fulfilling career journey. If you would like to apply today, click on the link here. 

Written by:

Emily Perry

Lead Marketing Assistant

As a Lead Marketing Assistant, Emily contributes to the marketing of PRG. She is responsible for the PRG social media and events, internally and externally, and adds value to clients through the creation and preparation of collateral for our consultants. Emily is responsible for the creation of content, marketing collateral, event organisation and client presentations. With experience in copy writing, content creation, WordPress and event organisation she supports the team across a wide range of areas to execute marketing tasks coherently.

Connect with Emily Perry:

FCSA Accreditations – What’s the Big Deal?

November 29, 2023

The use of umbrella companies has only increased since the last round of legislative updates to IR35 – but this has led to an increase in competition with some detrimental effects, and there are still some concerning regularities where HRMC is publishing the latest use of a tax avoidance scheme.

At PRG, the financial security of our candidates is one of our topmost priorities. We work rigidly to help ensure that our candidates will be cared for under strict and monitored FCSA-accredited umbrella companies to mitigate the risks of financial turbulence.

The FCSA (Freelancer and Contractor Services Association) is a UK-based professional membership body that represents service providers in the flexible workforce sector. Acquiring an FCSA accreditation requires passing strict entry assessments (and ongoing audits) and is therefore a great indicator that your umbrella company cares about your current and future needs. FCSA accredited members provide services, advice, and employment to the highest level of professional and ethical standards in the UK.

Currently, we are working towards having a preferred supplier list of only FCSA registered umbrella companies that are willing to offer the best service and price possible for those who operate through us. Here are five reasons why it’s important to consider attaining an FCSA certification and the dangers of choosing not to do so:


  1. Compliance and Accountability

FCSA registered companies are committed to adhering to the highest standards of compliance. They ensure that they operate within the legal and regulatory framework, reducing the risk of non-compliance for both contractors and hirers. Non-compliant companies may put contractors and hirers at risk of legal and tax complications, financial penalties, and reputational damage.


  1. Protection for Contractors

FCSA members typically provide comprehensive insurance and other protections for contractors, which can include professional indemnity and liability insurance. This safeguards contractors’ interests and financial security.


  1. Financial Transparency

Non-compliant or financially unstable companies may not adequately protect contractors’ income or provide payment security. FCSA registered companies, however, undergo regular financial audits, providing transparency and assurance to both contractors and hirers regarding the company’s financial stability and the handling of finances. Using an FCSA accredited umbrella company will help you stay clear of distasteful tax avoidance schemes.


  1. Expertise and Support

FCSA members have access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the flexible workforce sector. They can provide valuable guidance and support to contractors and hirers, ensuring they make informed decisions. Furthermore, engaging with non-compliant or unethical companies has the potential to harm a hirer’s reputation.


  1. Industry Best Practices

FCSA registered companies follow industry best practices in areas like payroll, taxation, and contractual arrangements. This minimizes the risk of disputes, tax liabilities, or financial penalties. Companies that are not FCSA registered may lack the necessary expertise to navigate complex employment and tax regulations


Not choosing to be covered by an FCSA certification may expose you to legal, financial, and reputational risks, as well as the potential for unfair employment practices. As an umbrella company, it is essential to consider becoming credited to mitigate these dangers. FCSA registered companies can help ensure compliance and financial security, leading to a more stable, and safe business.

Contact us today to discuss how we can support your hiring needs and help position your business for success in this evolving market landscape

Written by:

Ben Merrison

Commercial and Compliance Director

Connect with Ben Merrison :

Bristol Recruitment Firm Announces Achievement of the Outstanding Princess Royal Training Award

November 28, 2023

Bristol Recruitment Firm Announces Achievement of the Outstanding Princess Royal Training Award.


Global recruitment leader Precision Resource Group (PRG) are being celebrated for their award-winning learning and development training programme ‘The Precision Pathway’, following their achievement of the outstanding Princess Royal Training Award.


Recruitment and Talent Solutions specialists Precision Resource Group (PRG) have been announced as winners of the distinguished Princess Royal Training Award, placing among 53 other highly deserving recipients such as Royal Mail, IBM, and the NHS.


Delivered by the City and Guilds Group, HRH Princess Royal Training Award collaborates to recognise employers who possess an unparalleled commitment to developing and investing in their company training programmes. “As skills shortages rise and job vacancies double across the UK and Ireland, engaging learning programmes for growing and retaining talent have become more crucial than ever before.”


Following its establishment in 2009, PRG has steadily expanded to harbour over 280 employees and has secured offices across the globe in Bristol, Manchester, Europe, the US, and India. PRG increased their headcount by 66%, with 129 new hires, 82% of these being based in their Bristol Headquarters. Last year their sales figures were better than ever, with revenue growth from £50m to £85m; a £35m increase on the previous year and 70% growth. Their exceptional growth is a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to providing unparalleled recruitment solutions and services to its clients.


PRG’s now award-winning training scheme ‘Precision Pathway’ offers a flexible 6-month long blended career development programme cultivated for all levels of recruitment experience, offered to each employee at no extra cost. 105 trainees have completed the programme since 2021 and attrition has reduced from 27% to 14% with average time to consultant promotion also reducing from 362 to 201 days. Carefully designed to ensure the fundamental building blocks are securely embedded from day one, the Precision Pathway is designed to create expert industry professionals, out of ‘good’ recruiters.


PRG’s dedication to nurturing talent and continuously supporting their industry professionals alongside an all-in mentality is underscored and widely acknowledged through this reputable award.


Tracy Wright, Director of People, comments on this prestigious moment. “From its inception to date, the L&D team have strived to provide top-class career development. Our goal is to create an environment at PRG that allows people to flourish and have long and fulfilling career paths. The People First ethos ensures we’re focused on providing the best training, coaching and personal development that matches everyone’s goals and ambitions; whilst fully supporting the strategic aims of PRG.  To receive this recognition on our first application is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the L&D team and I’m very proud of them”.


Precision Resource Group have also placed in the prestigious Recruiter FAST 50 list, ranking among the top 30 alongside other business giants. As well as finalising for the Business of the Year award and being identified by WIRED Magazine and HSBC UK as one of the UK’s most innovative and inspiring businesses.




About Precision Resource Group (PRG)

PRG is a group of niche recruitment brands. These include iO Associates, Finitas, Panoramic Care and Panoramic Associates.

Their teams of motivated, highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants utilise their unrivalled expertise to provide bespoke solutions to suit any business challenge. PRG provides tailored permanent and contract staffing solutions to a wide range of customers across a number of specialist markets, always with the candidate and client experience as the focal point.

PRG are incredibly proud of their client-centric led approach, the expertise they have accrued within their markets, the amazing career opportunities that exist for their people, and the energetic, inclusive and supportive culture that exists throughout the group.


Written by:

Tracy Wright

Director of People

​Tracy is our Director of People and has overall responsibility for PRG’s People functions and culture. As a highly experienced and strategic recruitment & HR Professional she plays a key part in leading and delivering people initiatives to support the business strategy, to ensure the foundations of good people management are embedded within the company as well as leading the business through continued growth. Her passion is to help build a world-class, self-sustaining, high-performance culture that supports the business at scale therefore allowing it to meet its targets for growth and the development of new business lines in a fast-changing market. Her background in recruitment means she is perfectly placed to truly understand the needs of both the business and its people.

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