Navigating the Tide: How Changes in Inflation Rates Impact Recruitment

November 15, 2023

Fluctuating inflation rates hold significant implications for businesses and the job market. As a group of leading recruitment companies, we closely monitor inflation and other key metrics to better understand and predict market behaviours. The latest data on inflation rates, showing a trend of stabilisation and gradual decrease, offers a promising outlook for businesses looking to expand their teams.


A Look at the Numbers

The journey of inflation rates over the past few years has been quite eventful. After a period of relative stability in 2018 and 2019, with rates hovering around 2-3%, we witnessed a sharp decline in 2020, clearly influenced by the global events at the time. However, there has been a significant uptick in recent years, peaking in Q4 2022 with rates soaring above 11%. The good news is that recent months’ data has shown a gradual decline, with today’s announcement marking a rate of 4.6%, indicating a shift towards economic recovery and stability.


What This Means for Hiring

This downward trend in inflation is a positive sign for businesses. It suggests a more stable economic environment, encouraging companies to plan for growth and expansion. Lower inflation rates can mean more predictable costs and, therefore, more confident hiring decisions. With the economy showing signs of recovery, it’s an opportune time for businesses to leverage the talent market, which is ripe with skilled professionals.


Market Confidence

The latest inflation data sends a subtle yet powerful message of confidence to the market. Coupled with the expectation that the Bank of England keep interest rates stable and could reduce them from as early as Q2 2024. This suggests that the economy is regaining its footing, making it an ideal time for strategic investments in human resources. Hiring is not just about filling positions; it’s about preparing for the future, and the current economic indicators support this vision.


In summary, the current trend in inflation rates presents a window of opportunity for businesses ready to capitalise on a stabilising economy. The key takeaway is clear: now is a strategic time to invest in your workforce. As your recruitment partner, we are excited to assist you in this journey, ensuring that you find the right talent to harness the potential of this promising economic phase.


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Written by:

Simon Alpren

Chief Financial Officer

​Simon leads the Finance and Operations teams at PRG, ensuring that the business operates effectively and achieves its financial aspirations. He is responsible for everything from budgeting, controls, contracts and financial analysis to streamlining and improving back-office systems and processes. Simon has a breadth of financial experience having worked across organisations in the public sector as well as in advertising, data and consultancy and online technology.

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