Mental Wellbeing in a Digital Age

October 24, 2023

Our mental wellbeing is increasingly susceptible to the pressures and challenges of the digital world surrounding us. Packed to the brim with tempting content provoking harsh comparisons, unrealistic lifestyle expectations, instant gratification, and glorified overconsumption, social media can be difficult to escape and even harder to use with balance. 

Mental wellness encompasses more than just the absence of mental illness; it is a state of overall wellbeing where individuals can cope with the stresses of life and maintain a positive mental outlook. In this new digital age, constant connectivity and the influence of social media can impact our mental health significantly.

As we enter autumn and winter this year and spend more time solitarily indoors it is essential to prioritise our health and employ strategies to navigate our digital landscapes while maintaining a balanced state of mind. 

While technology has undoubtedly improved our lives in many ways from connectivity with family and friends to inspiration for your next DIY project excessive screen time can have adverse effects on our mental health. Negative effects can include increased symptoms of depression, delayed melatonin release, a desynchronised body clock, hormone imbalances, and a reduced sense of wellbeing.

As winter approaches, make it a priority to unplug from the digital world regularly. Engage in outdoor activities, spend time with loved ones, or pursue hobbies off-screen that bring you joy.

You could try;

  • Reading a new book
  • Starting a fitness challenge
  • Learning to cook or bake with a loved one

Disconnecting from the virtual realm allows you to reconnect with yourself and find balance in your daily life.

While it may not be realistic to completely detach from digital platforms, it can be pivotal to adopt mindful digital consumption habits. Be conscious of the content you engage with and its impact on your mental health. Set digital boundaries and unfollow accounts that trigger negative emotions or contribute to an unhealthy comparison mindset. Instead, curate your digital environment to include content that uplifts, inspires, and educates you.

Boundaries are crucial for protecting our mental health. Ensure to establish healthy digital boundaries around technology usage, both for screen time and content. Create designated periods during the day when you disconnect from screens and focus on real-life interactions or tasks that can better your personal growth.

There are many apps that can help you manage your screen time and set boundaries. Opal, Freedom, and Forest are all great options.

If you find yourself struggling with mental health issues this winter, do not hesitate to seek professional help. Mental health professionals are trained to provide the support and guidance needed to navigate the challenges of the digital age. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength and self-care.

PRG always value the mental health of our employees. Some of the steps PRG have taken to support employee’s mental health in the workplace include the following: People Power Hour sessions led by our HR team which give employees an opportunity to talk about any home or work-related problems they are having. Free counselling sessions, massages, and alternative therapies from the PRG’s free Medicash plan. An abundance of blogs and charity events facilitating the education of proper mental health care. Check them out here!

By unplugging from devices to prevent digital overload, practising mindful digital consumption, and seeking professional support when needed, we can nurture our mental health, find balance and enjoy the positive qualities that technology brings us. Taking care of your digital mental wellbeing will be a lifelong journey that requires conscious effort and commitment, especially when facing establishments that are designed to steal your time and attention. Embrace this season as an opportunity to cultivate a healthy mind and thrive in the digital age with resilience and positivity.

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Written by:

Anya Constantinescu

Marketing Intern

As a Marketing and Data Intern, Anya assists the team by editing social copy and blogs for PRG's media pages, designing and creating graphics, creating copy and posting across our websites for event management, alongside completing various data projects for other sectors within the PRG company too. With previous experience designing invitations and cards for small-scale events, in accompany with her innate creativity honed by A-level subjects such as Film Studies, and Media Studies, Anya is expanding her knowledge of design and social media management through her placement at PRG.

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