“Companies more confident on hiring” and what that means for you.

August 3, 2023

Employers across the UK are expressing their confidence in hiring new talent despite consistent economic turbulence and as interest rates continue to rise, the labour market continues to refuse its pressure.

A recent article by The Times has sparked curiosity as hiring trends increase despite financial worries. Read on to discover the latest.

A concise and confidential survey carried out by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) discovered that positive hiring patterns increased between April and June despite ongoing inflation worries.

In the month of May unemployment rose to 4% but it was found that in spite of this, a third of employers were still optimistic about hiring this season. In an interview from The Times Neil Carberry (Chief Executive of the trade body) said that

“Businesses across the country are clear that they believe in their business and its plans…While the overall picture of demand from employers remains very robust, the more that can be done by government to articulate a clear plan for growth, the more likely it is that firms will be willing to back their belief in their own business over concerns about the wider economic weather”.


REC’s survey shed light on the unchanged demand for permanent and temporary workers between the months of April to June. Health and retail industries consistently express concerns about the scarcity of workers, which can be attributed to a significant decline in the labour market’s size following the pandemic.

Advancements in technology and digitalisation have accelerated during the past few years, leading to the creation of new job roles and opportunities in various industries. This technological transformation has encouraged companies to invest in talent acquisition to stay competitive and adopt innovative solutions, favouring increased confidence in hiring.

How can I utilise this trend?

To maximise the benefits of this hiring trend, it is recommended that employees take proactive steps to enhance their employability and marketability. Continuous learning and upskilling are crucial in staying relevant in a rapidly evolving job market, especially when alongside a precarious economy.

The increased confidence in hiring seen in this financial quarter is a result of economic recovery and job role advancements. Employees can maximise these benefits by staying relevant through continuous learning, networking effectively, and demonstrating valuable skills and attitudes sought by employers. By taking proactive steps, individuals can position themselves as strong contenders in a competitive job market and seize the opportunities presented by companies’ growing interest in recruitment.


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Original source and research credit goes to The Times and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation.

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