Earth Day – Our Climate Crisis

April 18, 2023

This week we celebrate Earth Day, a day in which people across the globe will be reflecting on the Earth’s health and paying homage to our home. It’s a vital time to assess the current climate crisis, and how to help.

What’s happening?

Despite increasing climate activism efforts around the world, signs are still looking distressing. With disastrous plans such as The Willow Project being approved, Methane emissions rising, and extreme weather patterns steadily intensifying it can be difficult to know how to help and remain focussed.

Why should I care?

At times, or in general, it can feel difficult to feel motivated to get involved and commit to small-scale environmental activism. Perhaps you feel that Climate change simply won’t affect you in your lifetime, or maybe you don’t have enough time to consider issues that aren’t directly your own. Whatever your reasons, the answer still lies that you should care. Read on for the latest facts.

  • The world is continuing to get significantly hotter. According to the sixth report made by the IPCC that considers our climate, the past decade is most likely to have been the hottest period within the last 125,000 years (For perspective, the hottest period on earth since the dawn of mankind).
  • The Willow project: This recent oil project proposed by President Biden will create 199 new oil pools within Alaskan territories. According to the US Bureau of Land Management, it will generate up to 278 million metric tonnes of CO2e over its 30-year lifetime – the equivalent of adding two million cars to US roads every year. A devastating statistic that has the potential to tip the planet beyond the point of climate redemption if not taken seriously. The good news is that more than 1 million letters of protest have been written to the White House, and a petition campaigned through gathered more than 5 million signatures and counting –find the petition link at the end of this page and sign it yourself to help make a difference.
  • We have all become partial to the idea that the solution to rising carbon emissions could be to plant more trees. But sadly, relying on planting trees alone will not solve our climate problem. According to Oxfam[i] to achieve net Zero by planting trees would require 1.6 billion hectares of new forests, or approximately five times the size of India.
  • A mass of 750 billion tons of ice is melting every year due to global warming[ii]. 24,000 tons of melting water is added to the world’s oceans every second.

What can I do to help?

It is only through collective action that we can hope to address the challenge of climate change and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. Although the problem seems daunting, there are many things you can do as an individual to help.

If the facts above are enough to shock you into action then here’s how you can help:

  • As a starting point, you can ensure to reduce your carbon footprint by making small changes in your daily routine. This includes driving less, using public transport, or cycling to work instead of using a car. You can also reduce your energy consumption by turning off lights and appliances when they are not in use. A great way to reduce your carbon footprint is to consume less meat, as the livestock industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (check out the facts here!).
  • Another critical step is to reduce the amount of waste that we generate. This can be done by recycling, composting, and reducing single-use plastics. Choosing to purchase products made from sustainable materials can also help to reduce waste.
  • You can choose to support environmentally friendly policies and businesses. This includes supporting politicians who prioritize climate action and choosing to buy from companies that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly habits. By using your purchasing power, you can encourage businesses to adopt more sustainable practices.
  • Raising awareness through conversations with friends and family, sharing information on social media, and participating in protests and other events aimed at raising awareness about the issue are all brilliant ways to help. This can involve signing petitions to prevent the implementation of climate-destroying policies and projects. Change.Org is a great place to start making a difference. The platform cuts away ambiguity resulting in an easy and effective tool for climate activism and more. Sign the petition to stop The Willow Project here – Click me to make a difference!


What PRG does to help.

At PRG, we take sustainability and environmental responsibility seriously. We have established a Sustainability Club, which promotes ethical living among our staff and campaigns for environmental changes within our office. Our goal is to encourage environmentally responsible behaviour in all aspects of our operations. To achieve this, we have taken measures such as setting up recycling points to reduce the repetitive build-up of material waste in our office, organising tree planting excursions as part of our office volunteer days to offset our carbon footprint, and applauding the individuals who care for the environment by creating a green-champion award which awards a £50 voucher for conscious living.

We encourage all staff, including those who may not be as environmentally conscious, to participate in our efforts. PRG believes that by taking these steps, we can do our part in creating a more sustainable future and contribute to the fight against climate change.


To finish.

In conclusion, while the issue of climate change may seem overwhelming, there are several steps that individuals can take to help mitigate its effects. By reducing energy consumption, reducing waste, and supporting policies and companies that prioritize sustainability, we can all do our part to create a more sustainable future.

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Written by:

Anya Constantinescu

Marketing Intern

As a Marketing and Data Intern, Anya assists the team by editing social copy and blogs for PRG's media pages, designing and creating graphics, creating copy and posting across our websites for event management, alongside completing various data projects for other sectors within the PRG company too. With previous experience designing invitations and cards for small-scale events, in accompany with her innate creativity honed by A-level subjects such as Film Studies, and Media Studies, Anya is expanding her knowledge of design and social media management through her placement at PRG.

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