Precision Resource Group’s Webinar with Programme One is Now Live!

March 16, 2023

Precision Resource Group (PRG) are proud to announce our webinar with Programme One is now live.

Precision Resource Group have been paired with Programme One for just over a year and is incredibly excited to share the news of the recent webinar; this involved PRG Consultant Aaron Green and Atta Gyedu, Career Outreach Lead at Programme One.

Programme One has set up an initiative to address the barriers Black talent face when entering the recruitment industry. They aim to help recruitment companies build on their diversity and inclusion, create an inclusive culture and working environment and develop an understanding of accessing the wider talent pools.

By being a member of Programme One, PRG is joining those organisations that challenge bias, improve equality of opportunity, and enhance equity.

Aaron took part in the webinar to discuss his route into recruitment, the highs, and the lows, how PRG supported his career and the learning and development team that are ready and waiting to support everyone.

Aaron shared his thoughts on the interview.

“Being a neurodiverse person of colour myself, I am passionate about diversity and inclusion in all industries so jumped at the chance to offer what help, support and advice I can for those looking to break into the industry.

If there’s one piece of advice I can focus on from this interview, it’s the unlimited ability of humans to grow and change, shifting the focus away from talent and onto the effort.

Most people who don’t know me that well, would be surprised to find out that I’m actually Autistic and at one point had the social skills of a common garden carrot (some who know me well say I still do).”

He went into detail on his autism diagnosis and discussed the barriers he faced in the recruitment industry but also how PRG were able to support him and his career.

At PRG, there is an important stance on diversity and inclusion, and forming a partnership with Programme One has ensured those important subjects are not left behind.

All forms of discrimination are significant. Challenging bias and redefining equal opportunity is at the core of our values at PRG, as we strive to be as inclusive as possible and commit to removing all barriers for Black recruiters.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we promote Neurodiversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Or click here to watch the full webinar with Aaron Green and Atta Gyedu.

Written by:

Emily Perry

Lead Marketing Assistant

As a Lead Marketing Assistant, Emily contributes to the marketing of PRG. She is responsible for the PRG social media and events, internally and externally, and adds value to clients through the creation and preparation of collateral for our consultants. Emily is responsible for the creation of content, marketing collateral, event organisation and client presentations. With experience in copy writing, content creation, WordPress and event organisation she supports the team across a wide range of areas to execute marketing tasks coherently.

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