PRG’s Tips for Working From Home

With the quick spread of COVID-19 around the globe, many businesses are having to rapidly shift to working from home. Working remotely can be difficult as you are more exposed to distractions which the office may block. So here are a few tips to ensure you are being as productive as you can whilst working from home!

Act like you are going into the office.
Set an alarm, make a coffee and dress as if you are going to work. The mental association you make between work and an office can make you more productive and professional.

Structure your day like you would in the office.
To stay on schedule, break up your tasks and allocate them to different times for the course of the day. Use an online calendar to create personal events and reminders so you know when to start on new tasks.

Have a dedicated work space.
Even though you aren’t working in an office, doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself an office environment. Avoid cosying up in your room or on the sofa, and dedicate a specific space to do your work.

Make it harder for yourself to mess around on social media.
Turn off or log out of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc so you’re not distracted and don’t end up taking too many social breaks!

Commit to doing more.
Set small targets and goals throughout the day so you can keep track of your progress and feel productive.

Plan out what you’ll be working on ahead of time.
Spending time figuring out what you’ll do today can take away from actually doing those things. Do your daily plan the day before to avoid procrastination.

Take clear breaks.
It can be so easy to get distracted when you WFH that you avoid breaks altogether. However five minute breaks are really important so use your breaks to get away from your desk instead of browsing YouTube etc.

Have a positive mindset.
All of the above will help build a positive mindset. Remember to stay in touch with your team and your manager, and to WASH YOUR HANDS.

Get in touch for any other tips!