Women in Recruitment with Guest Hannah Tregidgo

In the inaugural episode of Beyond the CV, Hannah Tregidgo, Delivery Director at PRG, joins host Tyler Zammit for a candid conversation about her journey into leadership through the recruitment industry. As a passionate advocate for promoting women into leadership, Hannah shares her personal experience of breaking through the glass ceiling and overcoming gender biases in the workplace. 

Listeners will gain valuable insights into Hannah’s evolution as a leader, her management style, and the role that role models have played in her development. Tyler and Hannah also explore the broader issue of representation in leadership and its impact on individuals and organisations along with her love of Shania Twain… who knew? 


Overall, this episode offers a thought-provoking and engaging discussion on the importance of promoting women in leadership, the value of role models, and the need for more diversity in leadership. 


Hosted by:

Hannah Tregidgo

Delivery Director

Connect with Hannah Tregidgo:

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