The Precision Pathway is a flexible, blended career development programme for all levels of experience that’s been carefully designed to ensure the core fundamental building blocks of knowledge are securely embedded from day one.

New recruits from outside the industry will immediately embark on a structured 6-month syllabus encompassing classroom-based training, online modules, regular assessments and one to one coaching at your desk. More experienced hires will have the opportunity to focus on developing and refining those skills which are most likely to have the greatest impact on their performance and which will enable them to achieve their longer term career aspirations, whether that’s in a billing, client engagement or team-leading / management capacity.

The content that underpins the programme is accredited by the Institute of Recruiters. This not only ensures that the guidance participants receive helps to significantly accelerate their earnings and career progression.


Countless studies have demonstrated that organisations that embrace individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives innovate more quickly and achieve significantly better results. We’re committed to building a business without barriers or bias, and one that offers a collaborative, supportive and inclusive culture that enables everyone to thrive and progress.


We recognise that individuals’ priorities may evolve as they progress throughout their career and that people with family commitments will often benefit from additional flexibility and support. And as a forward-thinking business, we’re also firm believers that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is incredibly important, and that this will ultimately have a positive impact on people’s overall productivity. That’s why we’re investing heavily in technology, and developing new and innovative working practices, that allow for more agile, flexible working arrangements.


With multiple brands operating across the Technology, Engineering, Financial Services, Health & Social Care, Specialist Education, Housing and the UK Public Sectors, we can offer unparalleled opportunities for personal development and career progression.

Whilst some people will choose to progress towards a ‘super biller’ status, others will elect to pursue a team-leading / management path, either way could one day enable them to be promoted all the way up to director level.

And as a true meritocracy that’s committed to creating a genuinely inclusive environment, there are no limits to what you can achieve.