Celebrating a 6 Year Anniversary on Panoramic Care

Claire Prichard is a Principle Associate on Panoramic Care and is celebrating six years with Precision Resource Group (PRG) this month. We sat down with Claire to get a better understanding of her time with us, what she loves best about her job and most importantly, why she thinks others should work for us:

  1. What you love about your job  

Working for a company where there are so many talented people. You are continually striving to do better and it’s a privilege to be working with such excellent people. 

  1. And working for PRG/Care  

I’ve worked in a few different sectors over the years and I love the way that PRG is always evolving. Working for Panoramic Care and David Geaney is also great as he’s a very good leader who understands what needs to be done but he trusts you to make the right decisions about what needs to be done. 

  1. Any highlights

It’s incredible that over the last six years I have had the opportunity to go on numerous incentive trips to Michelin star restaurants, VIP experiences at Cheltenham, go on shopping sprees and stay in 5* hotels in, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Miami. It’s actually crazy to think back over the amazing things and places I have been to with the company.

  1. How you’re finding remote working

I love working remotely as it allows me to be really planned and focused. I know what outcomes I want to achieve each day and do my best to achieve them. I find it easier to concentrate on what I need to achieve without distraction. 

  1. Where you see yourself in the future with the company 

Continuing the success I have had over the years and to continue to be a strong member of the Panoramic Care team. 

  1. What are your reasons for staying with PRG for the long term? 

PRG have really listened to the ways I have wanted to develop or re direct my career as well as new sectors I have wanted to explore. I have also had a lot of support from the company which is much appreciated and inspires me to want to do well with the company. I also feel that PRG is fundamentally a good company, run by good people and that is important to me.


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